Best Tools for Front End Development

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Google Chrome Extensions


Squarespace Identifier

This extension displays collection IDs and block IDs on Squarespace sites making it much easier to identify which elements you need to target with custom code. 


Simple Debug CSS

This extension essentially displays a wireframe of your current webpage, helping you to see how elements are arranged and find the cause of that pesky ghost empty space; debugging just got easier. 



Stylish lets you style the web the way you want. Pesky toolbars and other elements getting in your way while editing a site? Shrink them, hide them, restyle them.



Block those pesky email capture forms and buy boxes your client insists on including on their high converting website. 


Auto Refresh

Great for editing source files and seeing those changes in near real-time. Or for an eye on the funding progress of that newly launched crowdfunding campaign. 


Edit Anything

It can be near impossible to figure out how text will fit on your webpage design without constant saving and refreshing. Edit Anything lets you edit webpage text inline so you can see exactly how it will look at every break point. 

Mac Apps


Atom Editor

The most lightweight yet expandable syntax editor I've come across. Open-source, countless extensions, and an a beautiful interface. Be sure to install the Markdown Preview package for side by side editing and previews. 



Save hours of typing out repetitive lines of code. This is the best / most affordable text expansion utility I have come across.



An incredibly quick way to insert the right amount of placeholder text. This app sits in your menubar and gives you the ability to copy words, sentences, and paragraphs of lorem ipsum with a single click.